Will I lose it all?

Why do I get the sense that one day I will lose everything I ever worked for? While I'd rather this not happen, from time to time I do get that sense.

I've told those close to me, as long as I don't lose my mind I will be alright and regain everything back and more. Things are just things. Assets are just assets. Do they even matter? Should we care about things? Definitely not over relationships. Though, they can help make other people's lives better. That's where most of my joy is derived from. Helping others.

Why do I get this sense? Do I know I will say something the government doesn't approve? Who cares.

Just a thought. This may never happen. If and only if, I must protect my mind at all costs. Starting with 0 TV, 0 movies, 0 news. The longer I stay away, the more I critically I can think. Social media - Twitter, Reddit may need to eventually go too. It's been a fun ride, learned a lot but information (everywhere) is being censored at a level that's never been seen before; protecting your mind is quite the challenge. I'm ready for it.

Nature may be the answer to everyone's problems.

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