Have you ever truly been free?

Think about it. Have you even been free to say whatever you truly felt? Without thinking how others would feel/judge? Has freedom of speech ever really been a thing? Do you self-censor yourself without knowing you're doing sl? Why?

When was the last time you spent a few days in nature.. without technology?

Can you go a year without working your current job? Why or why not? What excuses are you making up? Shouldn't there be another way?

I believe the enslavement of the mind begins in public schools. All by design. Massive indoctrination. Lethal to the mind because it kills all creativity and does more damage than you can imagine. The few that have unlearned what was taught were brave.

How do we wake up more people? How is it that most don't want to be woken up? You say you've known things were this way for years but never took any action? Just accepted it. Why?

Maybe I can get a couple more friends and family on Listed. I'd love to hear, read, and see what others are truly thinking.

It's 4:53 am. Waiting in the parking lot for the gym to open.

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